About us

Zingy Electronics Limited is a professional manufacturer of earphones, headphones, cables and speakers  with 20 plus years of experience, providing one-stop OEM/ODM services, located in Dalang Town of Dongguan City. Our head office is located in Hong Kong. To supply high quality products at a competitive price, we combine our own in-house acoustic, and 3D structural R&D, with graphics designers plus in-house cable, speaker manufacturing, plastic injections and packing specialists.

We have a group of qualified and experienced staff constantly combining new facilities with advanced manufacturing techniques. This enables us to develop new products effectively according to the demand of customers and international markets. Pionstep is ISO 9001:2000 certified, every product we produce comply with CE, ROHS. We also produce a lot of products under REACH/PAHs/Prop65 requirements. We understand the toys and children’s industry requirements of CPSIA, GSV,EN71 very well. Our products enjoy a good reputation in North America,Europe, Japan, Australia, other countries and regions.

Pionstep advocates social responsibility to be an important value, determined to meet and wherever possible, exceed all legal and ethical requirements. Pionstep encourages business partners, suppliers and all the staff to adopt a similar standard of ethical behavior.

To learn more about us. Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you. 
New Models
Wired Headphone
Multimedia headphone
Kids Headphone
Metal alloy earphone
Plastic in-ear earphone


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